Nine academic health science libraries currently participate in the Data Catalog Collaboration Project (DCCP). Together we leverage our unique experiences around data discovery and sharing to improve the Data Catalog metadata and user experience. We target research communities with a high level of interest in data sharing, and our experience with those communities helps us identify strategies to reduce data sharing barriers.

university of pittsburgh

  • Melissa Ratajeski

  • Carrie Iwema

  • Helenmary Sheridan

  • Joel Marchewka

  • Angela Zack

university of virginia

  • Bart Ragon

  • Andrea Denton

  • Michele Claibourn

  • David Martin

  • Jenn Huck

  • Abbey Heflin

  • Anson Parker

Wayne State university

  • Katherine Akers

  • Negib Sherif

  • Elliot Polak

Weill Cornell Medicine

  • Terrie Wheeler

  • Peter Oxley


  • Debra Rand

  • Leanna Stager

  • Wendy Herman

  • Dr. Jan Horsky

NYU Langone health

  • Kevin Read

  • Nicole Contaxis

  • Ian Lamb

  • Alisa Surkis

DUKe university

  • Megan von Isenburg

  • Emma Heet

  • Michael Ravenel-Baker

  • Jamie Roberts

university of maryland, baltimore

  • Na Lin

  • Meg Del Baglivo

  • JP Courneya

  • Patricia Hinegardner

  • Brad Gerhart

University of North carolina

At chapel hill

  • Barrie Hayes

  • Lee Richardson

  • Lauren Tomola

  • Mike London

  • Nandita Mani