The Data Catalog Collaboration Project (DCCP) was created to facilitate the discovery of biomedical research data that are hard to find. The DCCP consists of academic health science libraries that have implemented local instances of an open source data catalog to index biomedical research data. This collaboration brings a cross-institutional perspective to addressing usability, data sharing workflows, metadata, and outreach for improving data discovery efforts in biomedical research.

The DCCP serves as the first step for researchers to make their data more discoverable. As a low-barrier entry into data sharing, researchers can describe their data using our metadata schema, while retaining control of how they share it.

Our Mission

  • Increase the visibility of institutional biomedical research data

  • Assess the reuse of biomedical research data to inform how to devote resources for data curation, storage and sharing use cases of high-value data

  • Align DCCP efforts with emerging national data discovery initiatives from the NIH and others

  • Learn from users of the DCCP local data catalogs by investigating use cases and data sharing workflows

  • Inform institutional data sharing policies to improve data sharing workflows and reduce the burden on the biomedical research community

What We've Achieved